In the Elder Scrolls Online, everything you do is result in Gold. It’s not just only crafting and grinding. Each level range has a specific way to make money. No matter what level you have. Even though having a low-level character, you still be able to make a lot of gold in the Elder Scrolls Online by fishing. Fishing at the right spot provides wealth more than you can ever think.

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Fishing Area

The best fishing area is “Wrothgar”. You need to purchase DLC or subscription in order to have an access to this area. It’s the only place that gives you 2 fishes per bait. As a plus, many fishing holes can be found here especially at the river.

A low-level player will have no problem fishing at Wrothgar. There are not many monsters around here and they aren’t that strong

Where to Get Baits

Alik’r Desert: Divad’s Chafrin Mine Wayshine
Grahtwood: Ossuary Wayshine


Grahtwood: Sacred Leap Ground from frogs
Coldharbour: The Wile Laboratory from undead

Rivenspire: Oldgate Wayshrine from bugs and butterflies

Perfect Roe: Your Source of Gold

Perfect Roe is the main source of gold through fishing. It’s an important crafting ingredient to create Psijic Ambrosia giving 50% exp boost for 30 minutes. Because of its effect, Perfect Roe becomes one of the most wanted items and always in demand (with good price). It’s obtainable to a beginner despite its rarity. Normally, you should get a single Perfect Roe in every 70 fish.

In case you have a champion point left, spend it on “Plentiful Harvest” under “The Lover” will give you a 10% chance to double the yield from normal resource nodes. It means you will have more chance getting the Perfect Roe.

Another thing you might want to consider is every time you do not get a Perfect Roe out of a hundred fish, it’s better to switch location. And if you do not get one after that, you might want to switch location again or even relog-in again in order to reset algorithm. With this, there might be a chance to get a better yield from your work.

This is all we have from fishing. Go and fish at “Wrothgar” and find Perfect Roe. This fish is always in high demand since it’s a main ingredient to cook a recipe giving 50% exp boost. Perfect Roe price will be varied between each server.

The best place to sell a Perfect Roe is Guild Trader. It’s the game auction house only for a guild member. If you do not have a guild yet, join it. There are 2 easy ways to get an invitation. First, you can ask people around the area through an area chat (Option > Social > Voice Channels > Area).

Otherwise, you can send a message to any guild you find on the road and simply ask to join. They will mostly welcome you since the guild is always looking for a new member.

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