One of my personal favorite additions to the Elder Scrolls Online Guides is the ability to swap weapon sets in battle. You can wield a 2-handed hammer one second and a sword-and-shield the next. By switching weapons, you will also be able to swap your action bar abilities.

With each weapon set, you can select 6 abilities for your action bar. This doesn’t mean you only have 6 abilities in the game to use, there are many more. It just means you can only select 6 abilities per weapon sets. Combine this with the ability to swap weapon sets, and you have potentially 12 different abilities you can use in battle. Out of combat in ESO, you can swap out abilities from your action bar for other abilities you have available with your character.


A convenient change in the Elder Scrolls Online is that unlike in Skyrim, spells do not have to be equipped to your hands. They can be used simultaneously with weapon attacks from your action bar. These abilities have no cooldown, but cost either stamina or magicka to activate. As just mentioned, there are 6 abilities you can equip in a set. Five standard abilities, and the sixth is an Ultimate ability. Every class has multiple Ultimate abilities they can unlock, but you may only utilize one at a time. In combat, Ultimate abilities are useable after the player accumulates sufficient Finesse, a type of resource that builds through successful performance. Bonus Finesse is awarded for ‘playing smart’; for example interrupting an enemies’ spell cast or blocking a dangerous attack.