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Understanding How to Lockpick While Questing in Elder Scrolls Online

The biggest event in The Elder Scrolls is the launch of this astoundingly broad MMROPG. Previous games focused on specific regions such as High Rock, Cyrodil, or Skryim; this game allows the user to range freely across the continent of Tamriel. That is, at least, the final goal of the creators, and newcomers to the game want to know how skills such as Lockpicking differ from Skyrim and Oblivion.

The previous two Elder Scrolls games featured a mini game, where random luck is balanced out with user skill. The Elder Scrolls Online allows for a mini game more similar to the one featured in Oblivion, and Lockpicking is influenced primarily by leveling the character. Previously, lockpicking was a skill so that a specialist could open a master lock at a lower level.

Understanding How to Lockpick While Questing in Elder Scrolls Online

Lockpicking in The Elder Scrolls online is not a class skill but an ability available to all players. The stealth class in this installment is the Nightblade, but this class receives no bonuses to Lockpicking. Locks feature on chests only, and doors are opened by quests or keys. Lockpicking in this game is competitive, meaning that the attempt must be completed in real time while rivals might be attempting to kill you.

Several players can attempt the same chest but not at the same time. A player is afforded a time limit, wherein they must successfully depress five pins to open the lock. If they cannot succeed within the time limit, they are locked out of the chest for a minimum of ten seconds, during which other players can try their luck. If another player successfully loots the chest, then those items are permanently removed. If all contents are looted, then the chest will disappear.

It is possible to interrupt a lock picking attempt by killing the other player, although this is reserved for members of rival factions. Whenever another player is picking open a chest, it is impossible to attempt until the other player loses his or her time limit. The total number of attempts available is dictated by lock picks carried and competition by other players.

Locks are set in four difficult modes from Simple to Master. Tumblers are not more tricky at higher difficult levels; the time limit is just shorter. This makes for somewhat redundant game play, although the risk of being killed while trying to open a valuable chest is a unique dimension that no previous Elder Scrolls game has offered.

The Elder Scrolls Online Guides to Become the Emperor

The Elder Scrolls Online is one of the most interesting MMORPG in 2014. Main quest of the game is to explore the land of tamrial, fight classic monsters, and faction war over Cyrodiil’s Imperial City. So, players in the Elder Scrolls Online are given the opportunity to select their factions: Daggerfall Covenant, Ebonheart Pact or Aldmeri Dominion. Plus, the Elder Scrolls Online has the special reward for the Cyrodill’s War hero which is the chance to become an Emperor.

Emperor position is considered a dream come true for every PvP player because of its unique powerful skill set. Although the skill line is predicted to become less effective after being usurped, the Emperor skill tree marks as players’ permanent upgrade because they can retain it even if they will be dethroned. There are bonuses available to players other than the skill line including increased powers that allow for more damage and access the distinctive armor set. These bonuses are imperative for each of the Emperor’s keep.

elder scrolls online emperor armour header

Interested to become an Emperor? This would not be an easy task, of course, but it can be attainable if determination to outshine in the competition is in the heart and mind of the player. This can best achieved by getting the most points of alliance. Alliance points are earned through heal allies, capture keeps or kill enemies. It is recommended to perform these combination in order to get the most alliance points and become the Emperor.

As an emperor, the player should be on the top of the rank of his ESO alliance or faction. This only suggests that that he must be at the top of the leaderboard, which requires effort and more time to spend in Cyrodiil fighting with the other players to complete the objectives and complete the quests. Therefore, to become a top player of the game and be an Emperor, a player should be part of a huge community, play in groups, participate in collecting keeps and master the abilities of the characters.

Yes, becoming an ESO Emperor is challenging, but it is worth a reward

TESO Quests Explanation

TESO Quests Explanation

Quests are discoverable using the mini map, where an icon will appear when you are near a quest-giving NPC or object. NPCs worth talking to will glow a slight yellow, indicating that they offer a quest or advance an objective. A compass will help direct players towards nearby towns, dungeons, and places of interest. This feature is intended to preserve the feeling of a traditional single-player Elder Scrolls experience. The compass is one of many UI elements however, that may be disabled if the player prefers not to use it. While the player is out moving around the world or on a mission, the game is designed to reward exploration with small events or challenges which are hidden off the beaten path. Additionally, exploration will lead to discovery of additional quests, loot, and possibly, achievements throughout the world.

In other Elder Scrolls games, exploration is one of the most alluring factors to bring people into that game. ESO combat’s always fun, and there are 4 classes to play including the templar. The story is usually pretty good, but just having the opportunity to explore an open world is one of the most awe-inspiring features of Bethesda Games. They really seem like they trying to captivate that in The Elder Scrolls Online. I just hope that they are successful.

Elder Scrolls Online Guide to Combats

There are many similarities and there are many differences in The Elder Scrolls Online compared to the previous games in the series. If that sounds suspicious, perhaps a turnoff for you hardcore Elder Scrolls fans, know that since its alpha version, ZeneMax has been inviting hardcore Elder Scrolls fans like yourselves to test the game and they have praised highly how similar the Elder Scrolls Online feels to Skyrim in controls and combat. It will also be wise to remember at this point that Elder Scrolls Online will also have mounts just like in Skyrim. Before I get into the big differences, let’s refresh what we know and what is similar about the Elder Scrolls Online’s combat system. I’ll be using Skyrim as a demonstration point.

Elder Scrolls Online Guide to Combats

As you have probably experienced for yourself, the Elder Scrolls combat system involves using the WASD keys for movement and your mouse for aiming and attacking. There is no auto-attack. Your weapon attacks by clicking the left mouse button and you can block by holding the right mouse button. Physical attacks and blocking consume stamina and magicka for spells. A quick click of the left mouse will perform a light attack and holding will perform a heavy attack. Unlike in Skyrim, there is no extra resource cost with heavy attacks in the Elder Scrolls Online.

To achieve a successful attack or block with your ESO weapon, you must be facing your target and have the aim cursor in the middle, relatively close to your target. Failing to do so will result in you missing completely. This applies to all weapons, including projectile attacks, like spells and arrows. One of the differences in the Elder Scrolls Online is how projectiles work. Instead of straightforward unguided attacks, your projectiles will have a slight lock-on and will seek your target even if your target should move. If your target moves a little to the left or right, the arrow for example will follow. It’s not a perfect lock-on though. Your enemy, especially if they dodge, will most certainly be able to avoid your attacks.

By double-tapping a movement key, your character can perform a dodge maneuver which will consume some stamina but will allow you to avoid incoming attacks. There exists a second targeting system similar to Tab-targeting. It’s not a full lock-on either, and will still require you to aim your attacks carefully. The Tab-targeting simply exists to help you to specify which enemy out of a crowd of enemies is your focus. It does not lock-on your camera and you will still have full control to attack other targets.

Switching Weapons and Spells in Elder Scrolls Online

One of my personal favorite additions to the Elder Scrolls Online Guides is the ability to swap weapon sets in battle. You can wield a 2-handed hammer one second and a sword-and-shield the next. By switching weapons, you will also be able to swap your action bar abilities.

With each weapon set, you can select 6 abilities for your action bar. This doesn’t mean you only have 6 abilities in the game to use, there are many more. It just means you can only select 6 abilities per weapon sets. Combine this with the ability to swap weapon sets, and you have potentially 12 different abilities you can use in battle. Out of combat in ESO, you can swap out abilities from your action bar for other abilities you have available with your character.


A convenient change in the Elder Scrolls Online is that unlike in Skyrim, spells do not have to be equipped to your hands. They can be used simultaneously with weapon attacks from your action bar. These abilities have no cooldown, but cost either stamina or magicka to activate. As just mentioned, there are 6 abilities you can equip in a set. Five standard abilities, and the sixth is an Ultimate ability. Every class has multiple Ultimate abilities they can unlock, but you may only utilize one at a time. In combat, Ultimate abilities are useable after the player accumulates sufficient Finesse, a type of resource that builds through successful performance. Bonus Finesse is awarded for ‘playing smart’; for example interrupting an enemies’ spell cast or blocking a dangerous attack.