The Elder Scrolls Online is one of the most interesting MMORPG in 2014. Main quest of the game is to explore the land of tamrial, fight classic monsters, and faction war over Cyrodiil’s Imperial City. So, players in the Elder Scrolls Online are given the opportunity to select their factions: Daggerfall Covenant, Ebonheart Pact or Aldmeri Dominion. Plus, the Elder Scrolls Online has the special reward for the Cyrodill’s War hero which is the chance to become an Emperor.

Emperor position is considered a dream come true for every PvP player because of its unique powerful skill set. Although the skill line is predicted to become less effective after being usurped, the Emperor skill tree marks as players’ permanent upgrade because they can retain it even if they will be dethroned. There are bonuses available to players other than the skill line including increased powers that allow for more damage and access the distinctive armor set. These bonuses are imperative for each of the Emperor’s keep.

elder scrolls online emperor armour header

Interested to become an Emperor? This would not be an easy task, of course, but it can be attainable if determination to outshine in the competition is in the heart and mind of the player. This can best achieved by getting the most points of alliance. Alliance points are earned through heal allies, capture keeps or kill enemies. It is recommended to perform these combination in order to get the most alliance points and become the Emperor.

As an emperor, the player should be on the top of the rank of his ESO alliance or faction. This only suggests that that he must be at the top of the leaderboard, which requires effort and more time to spend in Cyrodiil fighting with the other players to complete the objectives and complete the quests. Therefore, to become a top player of the game and be an Emperor, a player should be part of a huge community, play in groups, participate in collecting keeps and master the abilities of the characters.

Yes, becoming an ESO Emperor is challenging, but it is worth a reward