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Understanding How to Lockpick While Questing in Elder Scrolls Online

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The biggest event in The Elder Scrolls is the launch of this astoundingly broad MMROPG. Previous games focused on specific regions such as High Rock, Cyrodil, or Skryim; this game allows the user to range freely across the continent of Tamriel. That is, at least, the final goal of the creators, and newcomers to the game want to know how skills such as Lockpicking differ from Skyrim and Oblivion.

The previous two Elder Scrolls games featured a mini game, where random luck is balanced out with user skill. The Elder Scrolls Online allows for a mini game more similar to the one featured in Oblivion, and Lockpicking is influenced primarily by leveling the character. Previously, lockpicking was a skill so that a specialist could open a master lock at a lower level.

Understanding How to Lockpick While Questing in Elder Scrolls Online

Lockpicking in The Elder Scrolls online is not a class skill but an ability available to all players. The stealth class in this installment is the Nightblade, but this class receives no bonuses to Lockpicking. Locks feature on chests only, and doors are opened by quests or keys. Lockpicking in this game is competitive, meaning that the attempt must be completed in real time while rivals might be attempting to kill you.

Several players can attempt the same chest but not at the same time. A player is afforded a time limit, wherein they must successfully depress five pins to open the lock. If they cannot succeed within the time limit, they are locked out of the chest for a minimum of ten seconds, during which other players can try their luck. If another player successfully loots the chest, then those items are permanently removed. If all contents are looted, then the chest will disappear.

It is possible to interrupt a lock picking attempt by killing the other player, although this is reserved for members of rival factions. Whenever another player is picking open a chest, it is impossible to attempt until the other player loses his or her time limit. The total number of attempts available is dictated by lock picks carried and competition by other players.

Locks are set in four difficult modes from Simple to Master. Tumblers are not more tricky at higher difficult levels; the time limit is just shorter. This makes for somewhat redundant game play, although the risk of being killed while trying to open a valuable chest is a unique dimension that no previous Elder Scrolls game has offered.

Do you have a minute? Then check out this strategy guide I found that has the FASTEST leveling tactics. This guide is the main reason why I was the first in my guild to reach level 50. You can read more of my review of the guide here.

Dominate The Game With The Elder Scrolls Online Leveling Guide by Killer Guides

elder scrolls online leveling guideThe Elder Scrolls is one of the most revered franchises in RPG history. As soon as Bethesda announced that they were going to release an online chapter, I knew it was going to be huge. I had no idea. This game is set in a gigantic world that can be very intimidating, especially for an intermediate player like myself who wasn’t always sure of how to progress. I decided to buy¬†The Elder Scrolls Online Leveling Guide by Killer Guides, hoping it would make my gameplay more efficient and enjoyable, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

With this guide on my side, playing became a breeze. It’s written in a straightforward, easy to follow manner that’s useful to both beginners and seasoned veterans. I was able to build a character that suits my style of play perfectly, whether it’s aggressive, defensive or balanced, warrior or mage, Nightblade or Dragonknight. These builds made getting into the game faster and easier, and it ensured tons of replay value. There is an extensive list in the guide of PvE and PvP builds; builds that work best for single combat and others that work better for teams, and even builds that work well against certain types of enemies.

Once you’re out in Tamriel, there would be no more time spent wandering the countryside, wondering where to go next, as the guide outlines where to go to find the quests that will maximize your reward for the time you put in. In addition to complete walkthroughs for every zone, quest, and dungeon, the guide showed me which locations are the best for grinding and how to do it once I got there. Not only does this got me more experience, gold, and better gear, but it sets me up to knock down the next quest that much more quickly. There is even a section that demonstrates skill rotations for each type of build. These had me carving through enemies like butter with a little bit of practice. No more getting stuck on tough bosses, either. Between the walkthroughs and skill rotations, I got into every tough fight prepared.

This guide answered every question I had about how to progress in ESO. It also answered some questions I didn’t even knew I had. For instance, all the crafting recipes for the most powerful weapons and armor sets are contained within, so I knew right away which ingredients to look for. In addition, there is a complete breakdown of the crafting system, including how to improve your existing equipment. This insured that no matter what level I was at, I had the tools I needed to create killer gear for any character build.

The guide doesn’t stop there. Once I hit level 50, there was a wealth of additional items and locations that were unlocked, and they are all listed here, complete with walkthoughs and shortcuts. Any MMORPG endgame is essentially a race to get the best gear and ESO is no exception. With this guide, I was able to get my hands on it quickly and painlessly.

Overall, this guide is well worth the cost. It provides what I feel is a necessary supplement to get the most out of your ESO experience. It’s available in PDF format and is written by professional gamers. Killer Guides also allows you to download any future updates of the guide for free as they become available. The layout is intuitive and easy to understand. I would recommend this manual to gamers of any age or skill level.